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Veterans, Local Representation

Black & Jones Wins 100% Rating for Vietnam Veteran with Kidney Cancer

A veteran contacted us to represent him for service-connected compensation benefits as he felt his previous attorneys were unresponsive and not seeking compensation for all of his conditions. We were happy to take over his claim and get things on track! Though you don’t need a lawyer to file a claim, the process to file on your own can be daunting and long. Having a lawyer by your side gives you an advocate that can ensure you don’t miss a single step along the way.

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Local Representation

Rockford-Based: 5 Reasons to Work with a Local Law Firm

Seeking legal representation can be like deciding where to go out to eat when you have no options in the fridge. You can wait in the backed-up fast food drive-thru where they’ll probably forget your side of fries—or you can stop by the diner just down the street where the server knows your name, your order and always makes sure you have the best possible experience. We don't sell food at Black & Jones, but we serve up a pretty good case when it comes to workers’ compensation hearings. Here are 5 reasons why seeking representation locally can make all the difference.

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Workers' Comp, Local Representation

Not All Offers Are Created Equal

Illinois case law guides the attorneys and arbitrator what may be awarded at trial by reporting what cases with similar evidence were awarded at trial. So when the client says, “that’s not a good offer,” it is unlikely the client did the legal research to form an accurate picture of what his case is worth.

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Local Representation, Our Team

It is just what we do

Often people come to Black & Jones Attorneys at Law after the insurance company has stopped paying for medical care and/or weekly benefits. The individuals are confused because everything the insurance company asked of them they did.

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