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Our clients can attest to Black & Jones’ tenacity, care and commitment when it comes to providing the best legal services in the Greater Rockford Region. We’re happy to share recent reviews from those we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Leroy had contacted another legal firm for help dealing with his work-related spinal issues and surgical treatment. They seemed competent, but acted like they were too busy to communicate well with him, so Leroy’s coworkers recommended he contact Black & Jones. From the moment he met Tracy and the team, he felt comfortable and confident that she was going to represent him 100%.

Spinal injuries and surgical treatments alone are daunting, and when they are work-related, they take on a whole other level of complexity. Knowing that one is getting the best care possible is important for the injured to move forward. “From the beginning, the best thing about working with Black & Jones was the feeling of caring and trust that they gave me. Tracy worked for me as much as possible, and kept me informed every step of the way, like a close friend would. I am very satisfied with the results and, actually, I am using their services again for my second case.”

– Leroy L


After Victoria sustained a second work-related back injury, she became increasingly frustrated with her previous legal firm. Their efforts regarding her Workers’ Compensation claim seemed to be going nowhere, and were turning into a 5-year battle. When she saw a commercial for Black & Jones, she was familiar with the firm’s name and was interested in finding out more—but with so much invested (and lost) in her original battle, Victoria was hesitant to make a change.

When Victoria met Tracy, everything changed and her fears surrounding additional financial loss were put to rest. “Tracy shared information that was beneficial to me, and that I was not aware of. I felt that my former attorney was not telling me the truth. I didn’t care if it took five years, as long as my attorney would just tell me the truth. Tracy was straightforward and honest and gave me the information I needed, which allowed me to plan for what might happen—and to make good decisions.”

– Victoria R


When John fell and broke his hip at work—and Workers’ Compensation denied approval for treatment and payment of benefits, leaving him in pain and unable to work—he knew exactly who to turn to since he had used the services of Black & Jones in the past. John had a simple goal: to get his hip fixed, become pain-free and return to work. The Black & Jones Team thoroughly investigated John’s case and his previous injuries, and pursued all possibilities on his behalf. The outcome was beyond anything John had anticipated.

Not only was John’s hip surgery performed and his pain relieved, but Workers' Compensation insurance covered his medical costs and provided a substantial settlement. John says, “I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. The team at Black & Jones did a great job, are the nicest people I’ve ever met and were always there when I needed them.” The team also saw beyond the initial case, pursuing Social Security Disability in light of John’s previous injuries and medical conditions. “Five months later, I had a Social Security Disability check in my hand and was given the perfect opportunity to make the most of the rest of my life, debt-free and able to truly enjoy every day.”

– John B


When Gwen lost her job after 28 years of service, she was nervous and afraid—and with no income coming in, was unsure how she would be able to pay her bills. She turned to Black & Jones for help, based on their reputation for helping people. Gwen said the team at Black & Jones immediately put her at ease with their caring manner, the way they treated her and their availability whenever she needed them.

Though Gwen was unaware she might be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, the team recognized this potential solution and assured her that they were on her case. Gwen was amazed at how quickly and easily everything came together and “before she knew it,” her case was approved. “From the first moment and every time you talk with them, they are so understanding. I was scared and nervous, and they put my mind at rest. They never said anything negative; everything was possible. I will always recommend Black & Jones, because you can be assured they will do everything possible to help you. With them, there’s no need to worry!”

– Gwen J


When complications from kidney cancer left Dorothy with a host of health issues including chronic pain, she was in desperate need of relief. Since the pain made it extremely difficult to continue her work as a cook, which required standing for long periods of time, Social Security Disability benefits would be the only way to relieve some of the pain, pressure and stress she was experiencing. On the advice of a friend, she contacted Black & Jones.

Dorothy knew she was in good hands from her first conversation with the team at Black & Jones, who impressed her as “nice, good people.” The team was able to provide Dorothy with some much-needed relief—not only was she approved for her disability benefits, “they made everything seem so easy. They answered every one of my questions and returned my calls promptly. They are good people, and they get straight to the point, telling you right upfront what will and won’t happen. They work fast, and they get results.”

– Dorothy C


After Charles was first injured while working as a CNA, a TV commercial for Black & Jones caught his eye. He was in pain—and frustrated by the injury’s impact on his daily activities and ability to work. He made the call to Black & Jones to pursue his Workers’ Compensation options. Everyone he encountered there was professional, down-to-earth and explained what to expect of the process, so he felt completely confident in their care.

The Black & Jones team helped Charles navigate the road to recovery, ensuring that his wage replacement benefits and medical treatments were in place so that he could focus on his physical therapy and rehabilitation. After Charles returned to the workforce as a maintenance man, he experienced another injury—and the Black & Jones team assisted him in this Workers’ Comp journey. Ultimately, the long-term effects of the injuries and three surgeries required Charles to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. “Not only do I feel rewarded appropriately, I am pleased with the entire outcome and would recommend Black & Jones to anyone suffering with a personal injury. They get the job done, period.”

– Charles S


When Jeanie slipped and fell, she tore the ligaments in her ankle and aggravated an injury that had required surgery the year before. The issues with her ankle, along with recurring back pain, caused her to seek help after she saw television ads for Black & Jones. She contacted the team to find out about obtaining Social Security Disability benefits since her injuries made it difficult to continue restaurant work, which requires long hours of standing and bending.

The team at Black & Jones made Jeanie feel comfortable right away, and they immediately got to work compiling all the medical information necessary to file Jeanie’s claim. Jeanie was happy to find that she was not at all alone in the process. Filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits requires a daunting amount of paperwork that can feel overwhelming, but whenever Jeanie needed assistance to fill out another wave of forms, the team was available to help her sift through the paperwork to provide the proper information. They also helped Jeanie prepare herself for meeting with the judge in her case. All this attention to detail resulted in Jeanie receiving her Social Security Disability benefits. “Working with Black and Jones was a relief; they did all the legwork and supported me all along the way, helping me navigate a complicated process.”

– Jeanie H


After Charles E. was injured at work, he had just one goal: to be well again. Though his case seemed straightforward—he had obviously been injured while working as a groundsman—it was important to Charles that he get proper medical treatment as soon as possible in order to recuperate. Charles had seen ads for Black & Jones, but more importantly, he had heard that the firm was good to work with. From his first call to Tracy to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim, Charles was impressed with her and the entire team, from their friendly smiles and caring, concerned manner, to how they shared their workers’ compensation knowledge.

The team immediately got Charles’ claim started so that he could pay his bills, and they ensured him that he would be able to see the doctors of his choice to facilitate his recovery. “I couldn’t be more happy with the final outcome. I am 150% satisfied with the service I received. All my needs were met promptly during my claim, and even afterwards when I needed some more questions answered. The Black & Jones Team made everything flow easy for me. They would take the time to explain everything in black and white and always followed up to make sure I understood the process. I would recommend them to anyone because they stay on top of every detail, and are straightforward and completely honest—I never had one doubt about anything Tracy or her team said; I knew I could trust them completely.”

– Charles E