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Using Legal Procedures to Your Benefit

Does the law firm you are thinking about hiring have the abilities to employ legal procedures to your benefit? When used properly, legal procedures are often more effective in getting a client what he needs than the law itself. This is especially true with the cumbersome legal procedures found in an Illinois Workers’ Compensation case. At Black and Jones Attorneys at Law we have built our practice so as to use the legal procedures to our clients’ advantage.

Insurance companies, and their attorneys, many times use delays to gain a positional advantage. The insurance companies create these delays by using the legal procedures. They will only respond the demand of an injured worker’s attorney when the legal procedures require this. The insurance company will ignore the demands of injured worker’s attorney unless forced to do so. Unless a case is set for trial, or pretrial, the insurance company will be silent in response to an injured worker’s demands. The legal procedure for setting a case for trial, or pretrial, can be cumbersome.

In Illinois, the legal procedures assign an injured workers’ case to an arbitrator, not a venue. The arbitrator the injured worker’s case is assigned to is not assigned a venue but rather rotates through three venues. So arbitrator “A” maybe at the Rockford venue one month, at the Waukegan venue the next month and at the Woodstock venue the next month. Which means the injured workers’ case is essentially in Rockford one month, Waukegan the next month and Woodstock the month after. Unless the injured worker’s attorney can go to Rockford, Waukegan, and Woodstock each month, the insurance company can easily use this legal procedure to delay. The insurance company can effectively ignore any demands made unless the injured worker’s attorney can set the case for pretrial in front of the arbitrator to whom the case is assigned, no matter what city the arbitrator is in that month.

At Black and Jones Attorneys at Law we have built our practice around the legal procedures to ensure we can effectively fight for our clients’ rights. We are ready to set any of our cases for pretrial, or trial, no matter what city the arbitrator. We keep the pressure on the insurance companies to achieve for our clients the best results possible. Can the law firm you are thinking of hiring do this?