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Our Team

What Should I Expect at My Initial Consultation with Black & Jones?

Navigating the complexities of legal claims—whether they pertain to workers’ compensation, personal injury, Social Security Disability or other areas—can be daunting. At Black & Jones, we aim to make this process smoother for you. Your initial consultation is a crucial first step in understanding your case and determining the best path forward. Here’s what you can expect during your initial consultation with us.

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Our Team

Helping Others

So often in our busy lives we end up with blinders on that keep us focused only on ourselves, our jobs, our close family and friends. And even though our jobs may involve helping others in some capacity, we often limit our hands and feet to that work only. The mission of Black & Jones Attorneys at Law has always been to help people in need.

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Local Representation, Our Team

It is just what we do

Often people come to Black & Jones Attorneys at Law after the insurance company has stopped paying for medical care and/or weekly benefits. The individuals are confused because everything the insurance company asked of them they did.

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