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It is just what we do

Often people come to Black & Jones Attorneys at Law after the insurance company has stopped paying for medical care and/or weekly benefits. The individuals are confused because everything the insurance company asked of them they did. They cooperated with the insurance company expecting the same treatment in return; not realizing the insurance company was doing all it could do to deny the claim.

The attorneys at Black & Jones work side by side with the injured worker fighting the insurance company through legal advice, litigation, and strategy to achieve the goals of the injured workers. It is the injured worker who directs the case through the advice and counsel from the attorneys at Black & Jones.

An injured worker came to Black & Jones Attorneys at Law after the insurance company had denied his case. The injured worker was off work. He was not receiving weekly workers’ compensation benefits nor was any of his medical expenses being paid. His employer claimed it had no work for him within the restrictions placed on him by his doctor. Black & Jones tried the case and won.

The insurance company appealed the case to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The insurance company lost but continued its appeals all the way to the Illinois Appellate Court, losing all the way. When it ran out of appeals, the insurance company paid all of the injured workers’ weekly workers’ compensation benefits. Then suddenly the employer claimed it had a job for the injured worker within his restrictions. This job never existed until the insurance company lost its last appeal.

The job looked like a sham designed to simply drive down the value of the case. Rather than conceding to the insurance company and making the worker forever do a job that served no purpose, Black & Jones fought back. Black & Jones hired a private investigator to see if indeed the job was real, or just a sham. The investigation proved the suspicion, the job was a sham. The Arbitrator was outraged at the pretrial. The insurance caved and agreed that the job was a sham and stipulated that the worker was permanently and totally disabled as a result of the injury he sustained on the job. The case should settle well into six figures.

It is just what we do at Black & Jones Attorneys at Law.