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5 Key Signs That You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

How do you know if you need an attorney? When should you get an attorney? Here is some helpful advice on making those determinations.


1.  The Insurance Company Doesn’t Call You Back 

When the insurance company doesn’t call you back, you should get an attorney. When you have been hurt at work or injured in an accident and reach out to the insurance company, you deserve to get a response at the absolute latest within a week of your call. When you have something important going on, the most frustrating thing is when you cannot answer. At Black & Jones, we know how important it is to be informed about your case and respond. We commit to every client to have a callback or response within 24 business hours anytime you call email or text our office. So if the insurance company doesn’t show you the same respect, contact Black & Jones Attorneys at Law.


2. Bill Collectors Start Calling

When bill collectors start hounding you, you should get an attorney. You work hard to pay your bills and have good credit. An accident caused by someone else can derail those efforts in a heartbeat. Insurance companies often delay paying medical bills. If the insurance company does this to you, the providers will start knocking on your door to get paid. Don’t be a victim. Hire an attorney who can get those collectors to stop hounding you and who can force the insurance company to pay the bills. 


3. Employers Give You The Run Around About Pay

When you get the run around about your pay from your employer, you should get an attorney. 99% of people cannot go long without a paycheck. Most people cannot go even a week without income before bills come due that they cannot pay. When you get injured at work and are taken off the job by a doctor, you deserve to be paid income while you are off recovering. If your employer gives you the runaround or you don’t start getting paid within a week of an injury, you need to get an attorney. The attorneys at Black & Jones Attorneys at Law will immediately file your claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and demand that your temporary total disability benefits be issued without delay. Don’t sit without income. Call today for the help you deserve.


4. Told You Can’t Go To a Doctor

When you are told you cannot go to a doctor for your injury, you should get an attorney. An insurance company does not have the right to dictate when and with whom you seek medical treatment. Your employer does not get to dictate where you treat, either. If you are told that you cannot treat with a doctor you choose, you need to get an attorney. If you are told that you cannot seek treatment when you need it, you need to get an attorney.


5. Told You Are Not Entitled Compensation

When you are told you are not entitled to compensation, you should get an attorney. An insurance company’s goal is to save money by not paying out to injured claimants like yourself. They have no legal obligation to tell you the truth or to offer you a settlement. So they will often tell you that you are not entitled to a settlement. Or they may tell you that your case is not worth any money. If you hear this, you need to get an attorney. Call Black & Jones today for a free consultation.