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Black & Jones Helps a Widow Receive Compensation for the Loss of Spouse

When this client first came to Black & Jones, they had been battling the insurance company for over 9 years. The worker was originally injured when exposed to fumes and gases at work which resulted in emergency room treatment for breathing problems. The condition worsened leading to the need for a double lung transplant. Despite the treatment, the worker succumbed to the condition and passed away leaving a grieving spouse and family behind. The insurance company had denied the case, disputing that there was any exposure at work and disputing that the lung condition was related to any work injury.

Unfortunately, due to the complicated nature of the claim, the case lingered without much movement even with another attorney for many years.

It was clear from the outset that the widow had given up hope. A lot of money had been paid by the worker and spouse for extensive treatments and there were years’ worth of lost wages. Black & Jones knew that it would be difficult to get involved in and turn around such an old case with so much unclear history. Obtaining the evidence that was needed after so many years would prove challenging. It was also clear that there was no medical opinion that the worker’s condition and death was related to exposures at work, an absolutely crucial piece of evidence in a case of this magnitude. Nonetheless, we formulated a plan to:

  • Find missing medical records and bills
  • Provide proof of payments
  • Obtain decade-old records from Medicare and group health insurance carriers as well as a medical causation opinion
  • Force the insurance company to compensate the widow

The Power of Experience

This is where having an experienced and well-respected attorney representing you makes a big difference. Due in part to the reputation Black & Jones holds in the workers’ compensation legal community, we were able to cut through the red tape and litigation nonsense to get to the core of the case.

The insurance company and its attorney knew that the case would not sit idly or go away with Black & Jones in the driver’s seat. So, they had to quickly respond and begin a real work-up of a case that was left on the back burner. This led to immediate and forthright discussions about turning over evidence, discussion of facts and agreement to move this matter to resolution or trial. Our team spent a considerable amount of time tracking down long-lost medical records and billing records, and our decades of experience in this arena made it possible to find what was assumed to be lost. This evidence was crucial in forcing the insurance company to make a settlement offer.

    Securing Compensation and Closure

    After fighting with the insurance company for over a decade and losing the most important person in the world to them, this client finally got the justice they sought with our help. It was through the strategic and knowledgeable work of Black & Jones that the insurance company finally relented and made a settlement offer, including an agreement to repay Medicare for hundreds of thousands of dollars paid for medical treatment.

    There is no amount of money that will replace what this client lost, but Black & Jones was proud to be able to give them closure and help get them some compensation for their devastating loss. If you or a loved one lose a spouse to a workplace accident, don’t fight the insurance company alone. Hire a trusted attorney who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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    Wondering what you should bring to your initiation? Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need:

    • Proof of employment
    • Date of accident
    • Who you notified about your injury
    • Your medical condition and how it has progressed over time
    • Medical providers’ contact
    • Letters from the workers’ compensation insurance company
    • Missed hours and wages
    • Additional concerns