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Workers' Comp, Local Representation

Not All Offers Are Created Equal

Illinois case law guides the attorneys and arbitrator what may be awarded at trial by reporting what cases with similar evidence were awarded at trial. So when the client says, “that’s not a good offer,” it is unlikely the client did the legal research to form an accurate picture of what his case is worth.

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Our Team

Helping Others

So often in our busy lives we end up with blinders on that keep us focused only on ourselves, our jobs, our close family and friends. And even though our jobs may involve helping others in some capacity, we often limit our hands and feet to that work only. The mission of Black & Jones Attorneys at Law has always been to help people in need.

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Workers' Comp

What If I Cannot Go Back To Work

What happens when a work related injury leaves you with permanent restrictions and your employer cannot accommodate those restrictions? You find yourself without a job, without an income, and very little hope that you will find an employer who is willing to tolerate your restrictions.

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