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5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Being Approved for Workers’ Compensation

Workers' compensation provides benefits to workers who are injured on the job or have a work-related illness. But this compensation isn’t automatically given to injured workers. A claim must be properly filed and meet qualifications. And unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to make simple, yet costly, mistakes during the claims process.

Here are five things you can do to help ensure you receive the compensation you need and deserve after a workplace injury.

1. Report Your Injury Immediately

To increase your chances of receiving compensation for your workplace injury, notify your employer about the incident as soon as possible. But this doesn’t mean you have to tell your employer every detail. Give a brief statement on when and how the injury occurred—your formal claim will contain more details.

Also, injured workers must understand that reporting their injury to their employer is not the same as filing a claim with the insurance company and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Filing a claim is a separate process, and for which we suggest you use a trusted workers’ compensation attorney to help you navigate the process.

2. Seek Medical Care You Need When You Need It

Your health comes first, and the sooner you get care often means the sooner you can recover. And in Illinois, you have the right to choose which doctor addresses your workplace injury. So, if you are injured on the job, get the care you need. Your lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve afterward.

If you continue to have follow-up appointments or treatments, continue to tell your doctor how your injury or illness affects your daily life and ability to work. This is important because your medical records are used as evidence in your workers’ compensation claim.

3. Keep Detailed Records of Your Injury & Following Medical Appointments

Your doctor and other medical professionals will take notes on your appointments, but it is always in your best interest to keep your own records and notes. This way nothing gets missed in your claim. And keep track of any paperwork to receive along the way, including, but not limited to, work restrictions, letters from your employer or the insurance company, and incident reports.

Get copies of the doctor’s dictation reports after each appointment and make sure the doctor has written what was discussed accurately. Errors made by the doctors or nurses when recording the history of how and when you get hurt can severely damage your case. By getting the records and reviewing them right away, you can talk to the doctor about the error early on and have a better chance of them amending and correcting the records.

4. Don’t Overshare with the Insurance Company

Following the filing of your claim, your employer’s insurance company may request more information, including a statement. Consult with your attorney for advice before giving an insurance company additional information.

Your employer’s insurance company is who makes decisions about your workers’ compensation claim. It is easy to think that the insurance company is there to help you, but they don’t work for you—they work for your employer. They may notice details that can minimize your benefits or allow them to deny your claim altogether. So never consent to a recorded statement requested by an insurance company and always consult an attorney early in your case.

5. Have a Trusted Attorney on Your Side

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation system is complex, and an attorney, such as the experienced team members at Black & Jones, can help you navigate the system. With years of training and on-the-job experience, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you file an accurate claim.

If you’ve been injured at work, and you want the best chance possible of receiving maximum benefits, the team at Black & Jones is your trusted resource in the Rockford area. Contact us today! Fill out this form or give us a call at (815) 967-9000.