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Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program

Illinois has adopted a Preferred Provider Program for injured workers. This allows the employer and/or its insurance company to set up a preferred provider network. The preferred provider is a doctor or medical facility chosen by the employer. The injured worker does not need to treat with the preferred provider. However, if the injured worker declines to treat with the preferred provider, this constitutes a choice of doctors, leaving the injured worker only one other doctor to choose. However, this is not a problem if the other doctor is your primary care doctor. 

Under Illinois law, if one doctor refers you to another doctor, it does not count as a second choice. Therefore, your primary care physician can be the hub of referrals for many, many doctors and still only constitute a single choice. However, if you turn down the preferred provider and pick another doctor and he/she will not refer you out, then you may be locking yourself in. Be very careful with your choice of doctors. 

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