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Do I need an attorney?

This is a question that my office routinely hears from people who have been injured at work. My response is always, “Even if everything is going perfectly right now, you will inevitably need an attorney. Don’t wait to get one until after a problem occurs because then you risk a situation where an attorney cannot fix the harm that has been done.”

Everyone wants to believe that after dedicating so many years working hard for their employer that the employer will make sure they are taken care of when they are hurt at work. I can remember when I was young at my parent’s auto repair business. Back then if one of our employees got hurt, we made sure they were taken care of. I can remember my parents driving an employee to the emergency room and staying with him all day until he was released home then picking up his prescriptions and other things he needed so he would not have to. Now-a-days, even if the employer wants to help the employee, there is little they can do when the insurance company, who is looking out for their own interests, decides to dispute something. You need protection against those companies who care more about their wallet than an employee’s health. Don’t wait until it is too late. Get an attorney right away so that we can make sure you are protected and can prevent and address issues before they become irreversible problems.